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A Cobol Parser
This document describes an implementation of a COBOL 85 parser for JavaCC
COBOL Report
Todo sobre COBOL
Project CobCy
CobCy is a free COBOL compiler. The funny name comes from COB[ol]-C and a 'y' to indicate how to pronounce 'c'. The initial version of Cobcy was intended to translate ANSI COBOL sources to C. I'm trying to redesign CobCy for Java platform, using ANTLR tool.
OpenCOBOL is an open-source COBOL compiler, which translates COBOL programs to C code and compiles it using GCC.
VS COBOL II grammar Version 1.0.4
This grammar has been been recovered from IBM's VS COBOL II Reference Summary (Document Number: SX26-3721-05) in a semi-automatic, formal process.
Preguntas frecuentes sobre COBOL
COBOL Portal
The Home of COBOL Technology (sponsored by Micro Focus)
Cobol For GCC
COBOL For GCC is a project to produce a free COBOL compiler compliant with the COBOL 85 Standard, integrated into the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC).
The TinyCOBOL project is a COBOL compiler being actively developed by members of the free software community.
COBOL Standards


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