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Back to the Future: The Story of Squeak
Squeak is an open, highly-portable Smalltalk implementation whose virtual machine is written entirely in Smalltalk, making it easy to debug, analyze, and change. To achieve practical performance, a translator produces an equivalent C program whose performance is comparable to commercial Smalltalks.
Other noteworthy aspects of Squeak include: a compact object format that typically requires only a single word of overhead per object; a simple yet efficient incremental garbage collector for 32-bit direct pointers; efficient bulk-mutation of objects; extensions of BitBlt to handle color of any depth and anti-aliased image rotation and scaling; and real-time sound and music synthesis written entirely in Smalltalk.
Principios de Diseño de Smalltalk
Traducción de Juan Manuel Vuletich, del famoso artículo de Dan Ingalls
The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Squeak Primitives
Como crear primitivas en Squeak, por Stephen Travis Pope
Design Principles Behind Smalltalk
Famoso artículo de Dan Ingalls, aparecido en la revista Byte de agosto de 1981.
Engendrando un Smalltalk.
Patterns for selecting persistence architectures in Smalltalk
When designing an architecture for a Smalltalk project that requires persistence, there are several considerations that must be made. A major and obvious decision is between OO and relational databases.


Todos los enlaces
El sitio padre de todo. Bajo el gran lema de Alan Kay:
"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."
— Alan Kay
Smalltalk Free Books
Colección de libros sobre Smalltalk, libres, en PDF, para bajarse de Internet
Dolphin Smalltalk
Una implementación de Object Arts
Smalltalk Express
Una versión para Windows
SqueakMap is a package catalog system for Squeak 3.2.1 (after update 5105) and 3.4alpha (after update 5104) and beyond. SqueakMap has become the standard place for the Squeak community to register packages/applications for Squeak.
Visual Age Smalltalk
VisualAge® Smalltalk Enterprise V6.0.1, allows you to leverage your investments in Smalltalk and integrate with strategic e-business initiatives such as Web services, WebSphere® and DB2®..
Genetic Algorithms in Squeak
The framework implements the operation of selection, mutation ans crossing-over.
Object Connect
Creadores del Smalltalk MT
Corporate Smalltalk Consulting
Corporate Smalltalk Consulting Ltd. has been doing Macintosh development since 1984, and Smalltalk work since 1995.

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