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Patrones en .NET
Primeras nociones de patrones en .NET
Implementing Model-View-Controller in ASP.NET
You are building a Web application in Microsoft ASP.NET, and, based on the complexity of your application, you need to separate different aspects of the program to reduce code duplication and to limit the propagation of change.
A pure object-oriented domain model by a db-guy
This is the first in a new series of articles by Jimmy Nilsson on a new architecture for enterprise applications in .NET. The new architecture starts where the old one presented in Jimmy’s book left off. The new architecture is more purely object-oriented, while still focusing on roundtrips and the data access code to get good performance.
Applying Robustness Analysis on the Model–View–Controller (MVC) Architecture in ASP.NET Framework, u
This article will enhance your vision on the usage of Robustness Analysis in conjunction with Model View Controller, using UML with application in ASP.NET.
Crossing Chasms: The Architectural Patterns
This section of Crossing Chasms addresses issues faced by project teams who are just beginning to develop an architecture for client-server systems built using Object Technology. This paper contains four patterns.
The User-Defined Product Framework
This paper describes a generic framework for "attribute composite objects" that is called User-Defined Product (UDP). This framework makes it easy to speficy, represent and manipulate complex objects with attributes that are functions of their components.
The difference between the two GOF patterns
The GOF Strategy and State patterns are remarkably similiar and it is really only a minor implementation detail that distinguishes the two.
When is a singleton not a singleton?
Avoid multiple singleton instances by keeping these tips in mind
Uso de Patrones de Diseño en .NET - Patrón Decorador
Por Elizabeth Ramírez
A Design Pattern for a Rule Engine
Use XML data, events, and XSLT for a simple rule engine that helps you separate business rules from application code
Engine-Collection-Class (ECC), un patrón de diseño para crear componentes de empresa reutilizables
En este artículo se ofrece una aproximación al diseño de componentes empresariales reutilizables. El tema central es el patrón de diseño Engine-Collection-Class (ECC), un modelo flexible para crear componentes empresariales reutilizables para aplicaciones distribuidas y de niveles que trabajan tanto con los tradicionales clientes "ricos" como con los clientes que utilizan secuencia de comandos.
A Generic Data Access Component using Factory Pattern in VB.NET
Implementing Page Controller in ASP.NET
Design Patterns: An Evolutionary Step to Managing Complex Sites
When your organization's web site or intranet has hundreds of contributors, how do you ensure that every page is high quality and extremely usable?
Implementing Observer Pattern in VB.NET
This article shows an easy way of implementing the Observer pattern in VB.NET
Illustrated GOF Design Patterns in C# Part II: Structural I
Part II of a series of articles illustrating GOF Design Patterns in C#
PetShop.NET: An Anti-Pattern Architecture
Comparación de dos implementaciones: J2EE y .NET, del ejemplo PetShop
Implementing Singleton in C#
Ejemplos de implementación de Singleton
Exploring the Factory Design Pattern
Discusses the Factory creational pattern that uses a specialized object solely to create other objects, much like a real-world factory. The logical and physical models of this pattern are examined, as is one use of this pattern in the Microsoft .NET Framework.
Exploring the Observer Design Pattern
This article discusses the use of design patterns in the Microsoft .NET Framework. An extremely powerful tool for developers or architects in development projects, design patterns ensure that common problems are addressed via well-known and accepted solutions, and that correct code is developed more rapidly, reducing the chance that a mistake will occur in design or implementation.

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Design Patterns (book online)
El libro de la "gang of four", en línea.
.NET patterns, best practices and more...
Workflow Patterns
This site serves as a repository for workflow modeling patterns. These patterns can be used to examine the expressive power of a workflow server that you intend to work with or they can serve as a set of ideas how to implement given business requirements having some workflow server already deployed in your organization.
Architecture Patterns Home
Welcome to the Architecture Patterns Wiki Home Page. This Wiki is dedicated to building a pattern langauge for software architecture patterns.
Implementation of ASP.NET MVC that support post back events and decouple pages from controllers and Models. NWAF also supply the ability to isolate controllers and models classes in separate process / App domain.
Un catálogo con los patrones del libro de "GoF", con implementaciones de los 23 patrones, en C#
Design Patterns for .Net
The goal of this site is to not only provide a portal to useful and pragmatic software design and career related topics, but to also deliver articles, editorials, presentations, and news on the same.
Handbook of Software Architecture
The primary goal of this present work is to fill this void in software engineering by codifying the architecture of a large collection of interesting software-intensive systems, presenting them in a manner that exposes their essential patterns and that permits comparisons across domains and architectural styles.
MonoRail (former Castle on Rails) is an attempt to provide a port of Action Pack ( for .Net. The Action Pack way of development is extremelly productive, very intuitive and easily testable.
The PatternShare community site brings together software patterns from different authors in one place to show relationships between existing patterns and to encourage you to contribute new ones. By combining our efforts, the patterns community can increase pattern usage and better meet the needs of developers and architects who use patterns.

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