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Enlaces de Java

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Java en Sun
El sitio de Sun sobre Java. Todo sobre el lenguaje y la tecnología. Software para bajarse, tutoriales, noticias y código fuente. Nuevas tendencias. Librerías, información para el desarrollador Java. Imperdible.
The Java Tutorial
Una guía práctica para el programador con cientos de ejemplos, y docenas de "trails", grupos de clases sobre un tema.
Top Java Links
Lugar imperdible, con los enlaces a los sitios más interesantes sobre Java (en Inglés)
Harmony Project
We propose that we create a new Apache project, Harmony, that will
achieve the following goals :

1) create a Compatible, independent implementation of J2SE 5
under the Apache License v2

2) create a community-developed modular runtime (VM and class library)
architecture to allow independent implementations to share runtime
components, and allow independent innovation in runtime components
Your view of the Java universe
Java Hispano
Recursos y documentación en español sobre Java
Excelente revista en línea, de todo sobre Java. Imprescindible.
Implementación de un portal universitario, en Java, JSP, XML, J2EE, de código abierto.
Code Java
Portal de Comunidad de Desarrolladores Java y Linux
Java Users Group Argentina
Nuevo sitio del JUGAR, el grupo de usuarios Java de Argentina
Open Source in Java
Aspect oriented frameworks, unit testing tools, refactoring, bloggers, build systems, bytecode libraries, cache solutions, charting and reporting, chat servers, content management systems (CMS), code beautifiers, code coverage tools, collections libraries, database connection pools, crawlers, database engines, EJB servers, ERP and CRM software, forum software, general purpose libraries, groupware software, html parsers, IDEs, installers generators, tracking software, J2EE frameworks, JMS, JMX Tools, job schedulers, JSP Tag Libraries, logging tools, mail clients, network clients, network servers, obfuscators, parser generators, PDF libraries, persistence frameworks, portals, profilers, project management tools, RSS and RDF tools, rule engines, scripting languages, search engines, source control tools, sql clients, template engines, testing tools, web frameworks, UML and modeling in Java, web mail clients, web servers, web services tools, web testing tools
Magazine for Java developers
JxBRE - Java Business Rules Engine
Light-weight Java based Business Rules Engine (BRE) that uses XML as a way to control process flow for an application in an external entity. Soon to comply to JSR 94.
Professional Code Generator ProCG for Data, Database and Entity/Component Layers
Generador de código de acceso a datos, soporta Java-JDBC, Java-CMP, Java-BMP, C++-ADO. Genera la capa de acceso a datos
BEA dev2dev
Excelente sitio de BEA Logics para desarrolladores Java
Neural Java
Neural Networks Tutorial with Java Applets
Tutorial de Java
Curso de lenguaje Java en español, de Agustin Froufe
Java Community Process
Participe del desarrollo de Java, ingresando al JCP
FreeTechBooks Libros Gratis Online sobre Java
Your guide to free online computer books, lecture notes, documentations and references.
Java en
Java en castellano
Rincón Java
Bienvenido al Rincón Java, la colección de enlaces web sobre Java y el desarrollo de aplicaciones con este lenguaje. Éste es un servicio gratuito ofrecido a la comunidad de desarrolladores para que puedan compartir sus "favoritos" y encontrar a su vez documentación, artículos, tutoriales, utilidades, etc.
Open Source Rule Engines in Java
Varias herramients, como Drools, Mandarax, JLisa, JEOPS, Prova, OpenRules,
MyEclipse is an innovative approach to offering affordable tools for Java and J2EE developers. MyEclipse is the eclipse plugin solution for all your Web, J2EE, JSP, XML, Struts, JSF, Hibernate and application server integration needs.
Open Source Web Testing Tools in Java
HttpUnit, HtmlUnit, JWebUnit, Canoo WebTest, JMeter, ...
Java Reference Guide
Guía de Java en Informit
Open Source Testing Tools in Java
Varias herramientas, como JUnit, Cactus, Ant, DBUnit, Abbot, JUnitPerf, ....
The Java Developers Almanac
Ejemplos de Java, de todo tipo: acceso a archivos, estructuras del lenguaje, listas, envío de email, ....
JSR 175: A Metadata Facility for the JavaTM Programming Language
A metadata facility for the JavaTM Programming Language would allow classes, interfaces, fields, and methods to be marked as having particular attributes
Introduction to Service Data Objects
SDO is a framework for data application development, which includes an architecture and API. SDO does the following:

Simplifies the J2EE data programming model
Abstracts data in a service oriented architecture (SOA)
Unifies data application development
Supports and integrates XML
Incorporates J2EE patterns and best practices
Cross-platform Java application wrapper for creating Windows native EXEs.
Launch4j is a cross-platform tool for wrapping Java applications distributed as jars in lightweight Windows native executables. The executable can be configured to search for a certain JRE version or use a bundled one, and it's possible to set runtime options, like the initial/max heap size. The wrapper also provides better user experience through an application icon, a native pre-JRE splash screen, a custom process name, and a Java download page in case the appropriate JRE cannot be found.
Desarrolladores Java (en Sun
Sun Developer Network ofrece a los desarrolladores las herramientas, tecnologías y recursos para construir soluciones abiertas, seguras y fiables.
Eclipse y SWT
Escrito por Miguel Angel Abian
SWT/JFace Resources
Books and tutorials about SWT, JFace
Yasu Technologies - Business Rules Engine, EJB Component, J2EE, and .NET solution provider
Jess, the rule engine for the Java Platform
Jess is a rule engine and scripting environment written entirely in Sun's JavaTM language by Ernest Friedman-Hill at Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, CA. Jess was originally inspired by the CLIPS expert system shell, but has grown into a complete, distinct, dynamic environment of its own. Using Jess, you can build Java software that has the capacity to "reason" using knowledge you supply in the form of declarative rules. Jess is small, light, and one of the fastest rule engines available.
JSR 94: JavaTM Rule Engine API
This specification defines a Java runtime API for rule engines.
Embed db4o's native Java and .NET open source object database engine into your products and store complex object structures with ease. db4o provides superior performance and is simple to install. Download a free version of db4o under the GPL license and start your evaluation now!
Business Integration Engine
The Business Integration Engine (BIE) is the industry's first open source offering. BIE is designed to help organizations exchange data created in different applications on various platforms with partners, suppliers, and customers in order to streamline processes and improve efficiency.
DbUnit is a JUnit extension (also usable with Ant) targeted for database-driven projects that, among other things, puts your database into a known state between test runs. This is an excellent way to avoid the myriad of problems that can occur when one test case corrupts the database and causes subsequent tests to fail or exacerbate the damage.
Naked Objects Book Online
By Richard Pawson and Robert Matthews
JxBRE - Java Business Rules Engine
Light-weight Java based Business Rules Engine (BRE) that uses XML as a way to control process flow for an application in an external entity. Soon to comply to JSR 94.
SWT: The Standard Widget Toolkit
SWT is an open source widget toolkit for Java designed to provide efficient, portable access to the user-interface facilities of the operating systems on which it is implemented.
OGNL stands for Object-Graph Navigation Language; it is an expression language for getting and setting properties of Java objects. You use the same expression for both getting and setting the value of a property.
An open source Web service Mediation Framework project

Synapse will be a robust, lightweight implementation of a highly scalable and distributed service mediation framework on Web services specifications. (Enterprise Service Bus ESB)

New to JavaTM Programming Center
El centro del programador que se inicia en Java.
Jasper Reports
JasperReports is a powerful report-generating tool that has the ability to deliver rich content onto the screen, to the printer or into PDF, HTML, XLS, CSV and XML files.
JavaCC Grammar Repository
Colección de gramáticas para el JavaCC
Configuring a datasource in JBOSS 2.4.4
Open Source Workflow Engines Written in Java
A review of active open source workflow projects that are written in Java.
Java Compiler Compiler™ (JavaCC)
Java Compiler Compiler (JavaCC) is the most popular parser generator for use with Java applications. A parser generator is a tool that reads a grammar specification and converts it to a Java program that can recognize matches to the grammar. In addition to the parser generator itself, JavaCC provides other standard capabilities related to parser generation such as tree building (via a tool called JJTree included with JavaCC), actions, debugging, etc.
Java Certification Questions and Answers
Excelente colección de enlaces y datos, sobre los exámenes de Certificación en Java
Tutoriales de Java
Varios tutoriales, en JavaHispano
Swing Examples
Varios ejemplos de componentes Swing, como JTable, JTree...
The Server Side
El sitio para desarrolladores J2EE
DataVision is an Open Source reporting tool similar to Crystal Reports, but written in Java. Reports can be designed using a drag-and-drop GUI. They may be run, viewed, and printed from the application or exported as HTML, XML, PDF, LaTeX2e, DocBook, or tab- or comma-delimited text files. The output files produced by LaTeX2e and DocBook can in turn be used to produce PDF, text, HTML, PostScript, and more.
Software Java gratuito, para presentaciones y análisis de datos. Incluye una librería de gráficos, y de reportes.
Artículos y enlaces sobre Java.
jBpm is a WorkFlow Management System. Business processes must be expressed in process archives in a simple and powerfull language. Users or systems perform single steps of the process. jBpm maintains the state, logs and performs all automated actions.
SMTP Client with Java
Here you'll find articles, tutorials and forums on .NET and J2EE.
Tutoriales de Java de IBM
Varios tutoriales gratuitos del sitio de IBM
Hibernate - Relational Persistence for Idiomatic Java
Object Relational Tool Comparison
This page hass been created to compare Java ObjectRelationalMapping layers. This should help potential users to make an educated choice of O/R technology and to better understand the existing products.
Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming in Java
JSmooth is a Java Executable Wrapper that makes a standard Windows executable (.exe) from a jar file. It makes java deployment much smoother and user-friendly, as it is able to find a Java VM by itself.
True interoperability between Java and .NET

JNBridgeTM provides an efficient, rapid path to cross-language implementation.
Indice de programas, clases, productos. Revisiones de nuevos componentes.
JavaCC is a parser/scanner generator for java
Open Source Projects for Java
A directory of open source projects that use Java
Thinking in Patterns
The book is available as HTML pages with an index and frames for easy navigation. This download contains the source code for the book, and instructions for building the code.
Java and JavaScript Programming
Ejemplos y tutoriales de cada clase de Java
SmallWorld -- A Little Smalltalk Interpreter written in Java
SmallWorld is a public domain Little Smalltalk interpreter written entirely in Java. It is based on the Little Smalltalk system, which was the first Smalltalk interpreter written outside of Xerox Parc, back in 1984.
ObJectRelational Bridge
ObJectRelationalBridge (OJB) is an Object/Relational mapping tool that allows transparent persistence for Java Objects against relational databases. Part of Apache DB Project.
IntelliJ Idea
IntelliJ IDEA is an industry leading Java IDE power packed with leading-edge development features
Revista en línea de Fawcette
PicoContainer is a lightweight embeddable container for components that honour Dependency Injection.
Serial and Parallel I/O libraries supporting Sun's CommAPI javax.comm
The Novocode Toolkit is a collection of general-purpose Java classes. It includes some useful AWT components, a package for decoding MIME data, an Input- to OutputStream connector, the byte-based string class ByteString plus assorted classes, some ClassLoaders, Base16 and Base64 en- and decoders, an event scheduler and some other useful things
BioJava is an open-source project dedicated to providing a Java framework for processing biological data. It include objects for manipulating sequences, file parsers, DAS client and server suport, access to BioSQL and Ensembl databases, and powerful analysis and statistical routines including a dynamic programming toolkit.
Java Comm Serial API How-To for Linux
Using RXTX and JCL to implement javax.comm
CodeFutures Firestorm/DAO Java Code Generator
Automatically generate Java source code for accessing relational databases. The benefits are higher developer productivity, better software quality, and lower maintenance costs.
Use Threading Tricks to Improve Programs
In optimizing, everything counts: programming techniques and the Java platform can help you build a thread-hot application
Pushlets are a servlet-based mechanism where data is pushed directly from server-side Java objects to (Dynamic) HTML pages within a client-browser without using Java applets or plug-ins. This allows a web page to be periodically updated by the server
Java How To
SMTP Cliente en Java
Java Communication API
Java communication API is a software module (library) allowing Java application talk through serial port.
Programming Languages for the Java Virtual Machine
This is a list of programming languages for the Java virtual machine aside of Java itself. Currently (spring 2002), it comprises about 160 different systems.
ObJectRelationalBridge (OJB) is an Object/Relational mapping tool that allows transparent persistence for Java Objects against relational databases.
JDK abierto, para Linux y otras plataformas
JPowered is a leading provider of Java Applet , Java Servlet & JavaScript Software. With our software you will be quickly adding great looking components to your web pages and applications.
Fundamentals of RMI
The Java Developer ConnectionSM (JDC) presents a Short Course introducing the Remote Method Invocation API, written by JavaTM Software licensee, jGuru (formerly named the MageLang Institute). A leading provider of Java technology training, jGuru has contributed regularly to the JDC since 1996.
Your Java Programming Questions
Lista de enlaces, con preguntas frecuentes de Java
GNU Classpath
GNU Classpath is a set of essential libraries for supporting the Java language. Our goal is to provide a free replacement for Sun's proprietary class libraries so that the GNU system can run programs written in the Java language.
A portable interpreter for Java bytecodes
jPOS is a Java[tm] based financial transaction library/framework that can be customized and extended in order to implement any particular financial interchange.
The leading Object to Relational Mapping Tool for the J2EE, J2SE, J2ME Platforms
AspectJ is
- a seamless aspect-oriented extension to the Javatm programming language
- Java platform compatible
- easy to learn and use
Core Developers Network
James Gosling: on the Java road...
El arquitecto de Sun creador de Java.
Application server articles
An application server (or app server) is a component-based product that resides in the middle-tier of a server centric architecture.
Java and Java Virtual Machine Vulnerabilities and their Exploitation Techniques
Java Business Process Management
JBoss jBPM is a flexible, extensible workflow management system. Business processes, expressed in a simple and powerfull language and packaged in process archives, serve as input for the JBoss jBPM runtime server. JBoss jBPM bridges the gap between managers and developers by giving them a common language : the JBoss jBPM Process definition language (jPdl).
FIJI ForthIsh Java Interpreter
FIJI the ForthIsh Java Interpreter is an interactive environment with a procedural syntax similar to the Forth programming language. FIJI can load, introspect, and execute Java classes and methods.
PMD scans Java source code and looks for potential problems like:

Unused local variables
Empty catch blocks
Unused parameters
Empty 'if' statements
Duplicate import statements
Unused private methods
Classes which could be Singletons
Short/long variable and method names
Hyper/J: Multi-Dimensional Separation of Concerns for Java
Hyper/J supports multi-dimensional separation of concerns for JavaTM. It provides the ability to identify concerns, specify modules in terms of those concerns, and synthesize systems and components by integrating those modules. It operates on standard Java class files -- without need of source -- and produces new class files to be used for execution. A control file specifies how to map Java members to concerns, which concerns are to be composed, and composition relationships giving details of how the composition is to be accomplished.
Quickly and securely change business rules. Redeploy business rules without altering software code. ILOG JRules is a complete business rule management system (BRMS) for Java. Policy managers and developers capture business logic as business rules. With JRules, rules are easy to embed in Web, legacy and back-office applications.
This site exists as a freely-available forum for discussion amongst experts on the Java programming language (among others). It believes that only through the free exchange of information among experts can software development as an industry move beyond "art" into "science".
Sun Java, JSP and J2EE technology programming forums, software downloads, jobs
JAsCo is a new aspect-oriented programming (AOP or AOSD) language originally tailored for the component-based field. JAsCo is however also suitable in object-oriented software development. The JAsCo language is an aspect-oriented extension of Java that stays as close as possible to the original Java syntax and concepts and introduces two new concepts: aspect beans and connectors.
Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF)
EMF is a modeling framework and code generation facility for building tools and other applications based on a structured data model. From a model specification described in XMI, EMF provides tools and runtime support to produce a set of Java classes for the model, a set of adapter classes that enable viewing and command-based editing of the model, and a basic editor. Models can be specified using annotated Java, XML documents, or modeling tools like Rational Rose, then imported into EMF. Most important of all, EMF provides the foundation for interoperability with other EMF-based tools and applications.
Component Pascal on the JVM
Interworks with components implemented in Java
All produced programs pass the stringent tests of the runtime verifier
Execution speed comparable with fastest object oriented languages
A speech synthesizer written entirely in the JavaTM programming language
The Byte Code Engineering Library is intended to give users a convenient possibility to analyze, create, and manipulate (binary) Java class files (those ending with .class). Classes are represented by objects which contain all the symbolic information of the given class: methods, fields and byte code instructions, in particular.
Smallworld 3.0 can write in Java
Smallworld's Smallworld 3.0 GIS received several enhancements recently. (Smallworld 3.0 is an object-oriented model that links and displays data stored in a database onto an interactive digital map or other visual format.)
Celtix , a Java ESB under the GNU LGPL (Lesser General Public License). (Enterprise Service Bus)
AndroMDA is an open source MDA framework - it takes any number of models (usually UML models stored in XMI produced from case-tools) combined with any number of andromda plugins (cartridge and translation-libraries) and produces any number of custom components. You can generate components for any language you want, Java, .Net, HTML, PHP, anything really, you just write (or customize existing) plugins to support it and you're good to go.
Projeto Javali
Proyecto de implementación de un Java de código abierto.
The Open-ESB project will implement an enterprise class Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) runtime with sample Binding Components and Service Engines. The core of this software development kit is based on JSR-208, Java Business Integration technology.
Mule Universal Message Objects
Mule is an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) messaging framework. It is a scalable, highly distributable object broker that can seamlessly handle interactions with services and applications using disparate transport and messaging technologies.
Java en Ciberaula
Área Temática orientada a la tecnología Java para el desarrollo de aplicaciones Web y móviles; noticias, artículos, código de ejemplo y más.
This is the official website of the CaveatEmptor demo application. CaveatEmptor is an online auction system with business objects such as Item, User, and Bid. The domain model covers various kinds of entities, entity associations and collections, in other words, (almost) all business entities and especially data persistence problems you usually encounter in any multi-user application. CaveatEmptor was originally written for Hibernate in Action.


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